Business Planning

We provide a range of business planning services, aimed exclusively at the third sector. Having had direct experience of working in the sector places us in a strong position in terms of understanding the challenges that our clients face and need to address in Business and Strategic Plans.

When Business Planning we seek to work closely with the senior leadership teams in organisations, helping to stimulate ideas, offering options appraisals, promoting knowledge transfer from other projects and acting as a critical friend.


    We like working with Richard and his team because they are knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly get the job done! We have found someone who gets what we do and what makes us unique as a Training Provider, but more importantly than that, is able to translate that to funders and win us […] Stephen Jeffery

Business planning services are designed on a case by case basis, but include –

  • Development of business and strategic plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Board facilitation days
  • Options appraisals
  • Competitor analysis
  • Resourcing, including funding, plans