Governance & Quality

Good governance and quality assurance / development are central to an organisations growth, reputation and sustainability.

Richard brings significant experience in this area, gained through –

  • Direct involvement with leading organisations in both Executive and non-Executive roles
  • Participation in the PQASSO process
  • Responsibility of the Quality Development Process and Self Assessment Report at Rathbone Cymru
  • Delivery of impact assessments, and outcome reporting processes
  • Experience of working with a broad range of Boards and Senior Management Teams as a consultant
    We like working with Richard and his team because they are knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly get the job done! We have found someone who gets what we do and what makes us unique as a Training Provider, but more importantly than that, is able to translate that to funders and win us […] Stephen Jeffery

We can support organisation through –

  • Training and facilitation of development sessions for Board Members and Staff
  • Quality assessments
  • Risk management
  • Impact assessment report
  • Reviews of constitutions
  • Efficiency reviews
  • Establishing and registration of Charity (or other legal personality)
  • Support with mergers and aquisitions
  • Mentoring of key staff