Carey Wood

Associate Consultant

Carey Wood joined RNC in February 2022 as a freelance part-time Associate Consultant specialising in Equality and Human Rights. His professional experience spans both the US and the UK.

Carey has significant experience in ensuring equality standards, identifying best practice, creating workable solutions, facilitating equality audits, and negotiating with local councils and government bodies.

He has contributed to the development of legislation and guidance, including most recently the Welsh Government’s Socio-Economic Duty.

Working across the not-for-profit and local government sectors in both the UK and the US, he has driven change agendas and improvements as well as leveraged awareness and action by being a keynote speaker and panel member.

Carey has significant experience of volunteering including working with the homeless, LGBTQ+ people, and mental health charities as both a board member and in direct service delivery.

Carey is recognised for his innovative approach, with several pieces of work lauded as best practice by auditors, Equal Rights Commissions, and end-users.

Carey uses his professional experience within the Equality and Human Rights-based legal fields to support, advise and co-develop deep and lasting change in organisations and processes in ways that are compliant, creative, meaningful, and relevant.

Out of Office 

Carey currently resides in west Wales and when not doing his ‘day job’, spends time observing and experiencing life by travelling, reading second-hand paperbacks, sitting in coffee shops with a notebook to hand, and tapping out words on his Olympia typewriter.